Thursday, September 16, 2010

Buxter Hoot'n

Add Date: September 14

Buxter Hoot'n

In Another Life


Folk, rock, Americana

From the publication Ammuse: "Buxter Hoot'n is single-handedly redefining contemporary Americana music and is the voice of their generation."

Buxter Hoot'n is a band that does Americana right. A little rock 'n roll, plenty of twang, banjos and harmonies all culminate into what is certainly a great album. Some songs are strikingly similar to the sounds of Ryan Adams or Whiskeytown, yet certainly unique in their own refreshing way. In Another Life certainly doesn't lack energy and excitement. Guitar solos fill the voids that vocal harmonies and catchy melodies don't fill. The lo-fi production of this self-released album only makes this group more endearing to listen to. Also, very interesting album art.

Start with 2, 5, and 9.

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