Friday, September 24, 2010

Fur Cups for Teeth

Add Date: September 21 

Artist: Fur Cups for Teeth

Album: FCFU

Label: Self-released

Genre: Rock, punk

Comments: From the promoter: "Brooklyn girl group Fur Cups For Teeth have been steadily releasing great rock albums for years now, and FCFU is their best yet! Early songs on the record such as 'Buffalo' and 'Look Higher' use the rock basics of singing, drums and guitars to dazzling effect. 'Dadadaddy' mixes things up with a drum machine, sounding like Le Tigre's electro songs. Some of FCFU's best moments, however, are numbers like 'Wide Awake,' a blast of spiky almost punk rock energy."

Great energy coming off of this new album produced by the ladies of Fur Cups For Teeth. A punk feel definitely pervades the album from start to finish. Check it out to get a better feel, and I bet you'll like what you hear. Start with 1, 2, and 7.

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