Friday, November 5, 2010

False Positive

Add Date: November 2

Artist: False Positive

Album: False Positive

Label: One Mad Son

Genre: Alternative

Comments: Honestly? Have we really just regressed into the '60s, but without all the drugs and Mary Poppins? Justin Mikulka seems to think so. The frontman of False Positive uses this self-titled album as "criticism of current wars being fought and the religious rhetoric used to justify them." You don't even have to listen to the whole album to get this meaning; just read the track names. My personal favorites (and by favorites, I mean laughing from ridiculousness) are "Please Don't Shoot Me" and "Wishing For Reason." All initial shock aside, False Positive does mix lo-fi with psych-rock to make some eerie pop songs, which, to be truthful, would be so much better if politics weren't the driving force behind the music.

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