Friday, November 5, 2010

Kings of Leon

Add Date: November 2 

Artist: Kings of Leon 

Album: Come Around Sundown 

Label: RCA

Genre: Rock 

Comments: Kings of Leon was once a respectable punk band. However, their past few releases have revealed a different side of this 4-piece group, a side that is best characterized as a lackluster attempt to produce lowest-common-denominator pop music. For a band that prides itself for producing unique sounds, very little of this new album is unique, especially when considering all of Kings of Leon's recent work: the guitar riffs are the same, the vocal melodies are the same, the singing is as mediocre as it always is, and the production, as usual, seems to be an afterthought. Any one of the songs on Come Around Sundown could be found on their past record, Only By Night. There is no suggesting that Kings of Leon tried anything new or exciting when they sat down to write this new album.

If you're a fan of Only By Night, you may find something to enjoy on Come Around Sundown. However, I don't see this newest album consisting of any "singles" or particular songs that stand out more than any of the others on the record. All in all, I have no hesitation in saying that this type of record does not deserve a lot of attention from WLUR.

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