Friday, November 5, 2010

Matt and Kim

Add Date: November 2

Artist: Matt and Kim

Album: Sidewalks

Label: Fader

Genre: Alternative, pop

Comments: Don't get me wrong, I still love wearing all black and sitting in a corner while listening to the minor chords of Death Cab for Cutie and Elliott Smith. Some artists, though, have the rare gift of provoking me to meet the sun and embrace my apparent youth. Matt and Kim make the list, though I hate to admit I joined the bandwagon late only after I heard "Daylight" behind some generic liquor commercial. The effect, though, is no less.

Matt and Kim's third album stays true to their tried and tested dynamics of alt-pop, leading to another solid album complementary to the first two. The singular keyboard and drums intertwine to bring a full range of songs, starting with the party anthem "Block After Block" and moving to the slower, more melodious "Northeast," all the while incorporating Matt Johnson's protuberant voice. While this album does not branch away or progress the group's methods, fans will not be disappointed with this addition.

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