Thursday, January 20, 2011


Add Date: January 18 

Artist: Dolorean 

Album: The Unfazed 

Label: Partisan 

Genre: Folk rock 

Comments: One of the most severely underrated bands in modern music, Dolorean returns with its fourth LP, and the first for Partisan Records (Deer Tick, Mountain Man). Al James is truly a masterful songwriter--I still can't get over the brilliance of cuts like "Violence in the Snowy Fields" or "In Love with the Doubt" from previous Dolorean works--with a voice that fits perfectly amidst the beautifully melancholy, astoundingly literate folk rock tunes of the band. Jay Clarke's piano and organ propel the songs forward, accompanied by Jon Neufeld's appropriately understated guitar, James Adair's bass, Benny Nugent's percussion and the occasional violin from Kate O'Brien Clarke.

Dolorean records take some engagement--it's immediately enjoyable, but as with the band's previous issue, 2007's splendid You Can't Win, the new LP only gets better with each successive listen. Spend some time with The Unfazed, and you'll see. For fans of Crooked Fingers, Califone and Mark Kozelek. Start with the title track, "Thinskinned" and "If I Find Love."

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