Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Now, Now

Add Date: January 11 

Artist: Now, Now 

Album: Neighbors (EP) 

Label: No Sleep 

Genre: Rock 

Comments: Listening to Neighbors, the new EP from the Minnesota trio Now, Now, I'm reminded of Land of Talk. That's mostly due to Cacie Dalager's vocals, which bring to mind Elizabeth Powell, but also because there are some elements of post-punk that can be found in that Montreal band's work as well. Now, Now also incorporates electronic textures and elements of shoegaze and indie pop into Neighbors, and in one sentence, SPIN compared them to Metric, Be Your Own Pet and The Knife. This is a really well-constructed 5-song EP, with a couple of acoustic versions thrown in almost like bonus tracks, but in particular check out "Giants" and the title selection.

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