Friday, January 28, 2011

White Lies

Add Date: January 25

Artist: White Lies

Album: Ritual

Label: Geffen

Genre: Alternative/Pop

Comments: White Lies' second album, Ritual, perfectly imitates the darker, synthetic-pop that indie and college radio stations have become accustomed to. Though the London-based group pulls this style off without any noticeable flaws and produces an album with refinement, Ritual seems too put-together. On one hand, you want the group to realize the despair and tragedy they sing of so much that they lose control, with the music consequently becoming more lively and realistic. On the other hand, the band takes itself way too seriously, with tracks averaging five minutes. I'm not against long songs--seeing that I thoroughly love "Impossible Soul" by Sufjan Stevens, which lasts 25 minutes and 35 seconds--but if White Lies cut their tracks, the album would become more penetrable. Ritual is good music without enough life behind it to transform it into art.

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