Friday, March 25, 2011

Josh T. Pearson

Add Date: March 22 

Artist: Josh T. Pearson 

Album: Last of the Country Gentlemen 

Label: Mute 

Genre: Folk 

Comments: From the promoter: "[The songs on Last of the Country Gentlemen] are sparsely arranged, Josh's vocals and guitar lent an aching bitter-sweetness by violin accompaniment. Four of the seven songs run longer than 10 minutes, because they examine the painful existential tangle of love and loss with a depth and emotional vividness not easily contained by the pop format."

This is deeply haunting and wonderfully constructed folk from the Texas musician Josh T. Pearson, whose music has been likened to Jeff Buckley and Spiritualized. As alluded to above, Last of the Country Gentlemen's seven songs clock in at 58 minutes, so the label has been kind enough to send along two 4-minute radio edits. (The edits are doubly helpful, as the original version of one of those tracks is DNP.) While not for the impatient, you'll be rewarded by a careful listen to Pearson's autobiographical tales of heartbreak and tragedy.

Start with "Country Dumb"--play the 10-minute album version, if you dare, or cop out for the 4-minute edition--as well as the radio edit of "Woman, When I've Raised Hell".

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