Thursday, April 14, 2011


Add Date: April 12 

Artist: Errors 

Album: Come Down With Me 

Label: Rock Action 

Genre: Rock, electronica, experimental

Comments: It can't be easy to make thoughtful, well-constructed instrumental music that's still interesting and engaging. I've often marveled about Mogwai's mastery of this craft--sometimes on this very blog--and so I must say that it's entirely appropriate that Come Down With Me, the second LP from another Glasgow band, Errors, is the first full-length American release on Mogwai's Rock Action Records imprint.

This is a collection of gorgeous soundscapes, certainly influenced by their label owners, but veering into more of an electronic realm. The promoter likens Errors to Battles and 65daysofstatic, and of course to Mogwai themselves--though the comparisons to LCD Soundsystem and Hot Chip seem a little far-fetched. Still, Come Down With Me is an excellent record. Start with "A Rumour in Africa" and "Bridge Or Cloud?".

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