Thursday, April 14, 2011

I'm From Barcelona

Add Date: April 12 

Artist: I'm From Barcelona 

Album: Forever Today 

Label: Mute 

Genre: Indie pop 

Comments: By now, you probably know that I'm From Barcelona aren't from Barcelona, but rather from Sweden. You may also be aware that--despite the other bald-faced lie in the band's name--this is really the antithesis of a solo project; though Emanuel Lundgren writes the music and lyrics, I'm From Barcelona have claimed as many as 29 members. (There are 20 people in the photo in the liner notes for this record, and 21 listed in the credits.)

So this is indie pop on a grand scale, and Forever Today, the third I'm From Barcelona LP, is another fine release. For fans of Acid House Kings, Jens Lekman, Architecture in Helsinki and the like. Start with "Charlie Parker", "Come On" and "Always Spring".

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