Thursday, April 7, 2011

Vivian Girls

Add Date: April 5 

Artist: Vivian Girls 

Album: Share the Joy 

Label: Polyvinyl

Genre: Rock 

Comments: If you were to develop your impression of the Vivian Girls solely from listening to "Take It As It Comes", one of the standout tracks from the trio's new LP, you'd gather that the band is unabashedly stuck in the 1960s. From the spoken-word parts (about a teenage crush, no less) to that sweet melody, it'd be pretty easy to pigeonhole the band as strict pop revivalists.

But listen to Share the Joy in its entirety, and you'll quickly find that there's a lot more going on than the band's excellent rehash of classic pop. The album begins and ends with 6-minute songs--not exactly "pop" in its purest sense, and quite unexpected for a band that was originally known for playing a full, and fairly comprehensive, live set in about 25 minutes--that veer more toward '80s shoegaze rock. And the lead single, "I Heard You Say", is the band at its best: mashing up girl-group harmonies and post-punk rhythms into a sound that distinctly belongs to the Vivian Girls.

A fine record--check out 2, 7, 3 and 10.

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