Friday, May 6, 2011

The Perfect Vessels

Add Date: May 3 

Artist: The Perfect Vessels 

Album: Name Our Own Stars 

Label: Makeshift Music 

Genre: Rock 

Comments: The Memphis trio The Perfect Vessels seems to draw equal inspiration from '90s alternative and power pop (Teenage Fanclub and Sloan come to mind) and quirky '80s post-punk (think The Clean or Orange Juice). That combination makes for a diverse and enjoyable 15-song LP, Name Our Own Stars. There are some pop-rock gems over the first half of the record--try "Shade Tree Astronomy" or "Running Out of Time"--and then things get interesting when the band loosens up and experiments a bit on late-album tracks like "Selling the Scenario" and "Shine".

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Ryan said...

This is a badass record. I like "Big Brothers" and "Shine."