Friday, October 7, 2011

Holiday Shores

Add Date: October 4 

Artist: Holiday Shores 

Album: New Masses for Squaw Peak 

Label: twosyllable 

Genre: Rock, pop 

Comments: Since releasing their first record, Columbus'd the Whim, two summers ago, the Florida band Holiday Shores has undergone several lineup changes, which evidently have combined to produce a fairly significant shift in the band's sound. The hazy, psych-leaning rock of that LP, which drew the band comparisons to Real Estate and Panda Bear, among others, has virtually disappeared, and what's left on New Masses for Squaw Peak is very stripped-down, synth-leaning psychedelic pop.

If you hadn't heard the band's very promising debut, you'd probably find a lot to like on this sophomore effort, but overall I find it a bit disappointing--if only because Columbus'd the Whim was one of the more interesting rock records of 2009, and Holiday Shores seems to have abandoned most of what made that LP so good. Still, New Masses for Squaw Peak has its moments, in particular what the promoter calls the "Can-like krautrock" of "Mystic Pharaohs", the upbeat "Spells" and the slow-building pop number "Injun".

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