Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Darkness Falls

Add Date: November 22 

Artist: Darkness Falls 

Album: Alive in Us 

Label: hfn music 

Genre: Rock, pop 

Comments: Alive in Us is the first record from the Copenhagen duo Josephine Philip and Ina Lindgreen, soon to be known to all the world as Darkness Falls, and it's a pretty spectacular debut. Behind the terrific production of Danish techno mastermind Trentemøller, Philip and Lindgreen almost effortlessly breeze through a wide range of musical styles: early album gem "Noise on the Line" is a quiet, almost folksy pop song, but this tranquil tone quickly gives way to the bass-driven, New Wave-leaning "The Void". The title track--as do many moments on this record--will bring to mind another duo from Denmark, The Raveonettes; meanwhile, the gritty bassline of "Timeline" sets up the dark synthpop of that song, only to drop into a Kills-esque garage rocker in "Before the Light Takes Us".

There are many wonderful things going on throughout Alive in Us--I'd call Darkness Falls a band to watch out for, but it appears that they've already arrived. Spin tracks 2, 10, 4, 7 and 9.

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