Monday, February 13, 2012

The Jealous Sound

Add Date: February 7 

Artist: The Jealous Sound 

Album: A Gentle Reminder 

Label: Subjective 

Genre: Rock

Comments: From "The aptly named A Gentle Reminder picks up where Kill Them With Kindness left off, not straying too far from the Midwest emo/indie sound that defined the band on their debut full-length but still refining it along the way. As one might expect from a group that has aged nine years, the band has lost a portion of its aggression and anger, settling for a perhaps calmer disposition and outlook. Gone are songs like 'Naïve' and 'Does That Make Sense', where frontman Blair Shehan’s voice seemed to hurl itself at the microphone, replaced by more of the tempered, contained tunes and vocals found on the band's 2008 EP Got Friends."

If you're looking for some emo-cum-indie rock in the vein of Jimmy Eat World and The Get Up Kids, The Jealous Sound's new album is a safe bet, particularly tracks 2, 4 and 7.

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