Friday, February 17, 2012

San Cisco

Add Date: February 14

Artist: San Cisco

Album: Awkward (EP)

Label: Island City

Genre: Indie pop

Comments: A solid indie pop record from a band that will be sure to garner more than a few listeners. San Cisco spin off their brand of summery indie pop from the get-go with the call-and-receive singing of "Awkward". Head-bobbing strumming and foot-tapping rhythms put Awkward on solid footing, while stretchy synths lend the song a cosmic feeling.

"Rocket Ship" is intriguing lyrically and has a singalong ooh-la-la chorus, but the album's highlight enters on the third track, "Lover". The chorus' vocal melody is catchy as hell and has more hooks than a Bass Pro Shop. "505" begins slowly but builds into a journey through synthed-out reverb and delay. Another highlight is the last song, "Reckless", which feels rather intimate in comparison to the room-filling sound of the rest of the EP. A great summer pop album that brings you out into the sun, or in the winter brings the sun out to you.

Recommended songs = 1, 3 and 5.

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