Friday, February 17, 2012

You Me at Six

Add Date: February 14

Artist: You Me At Six

Album: Sinners Never Sleep

Label: Virgin

Genre: Rock, pop punk

Comments: Surrey sounds quite a bit like Nashville. You Me at Six will have their fans, most of them angsty teenage females who need to feel a bit rebellious; however, the band is essentially Paramore with a dude singer. With Sinners Never Sleep, You Me at Six has tried to move away from their assembly line pop-punk sound, but the addition of thicker harmonies simply cannot take away from the sometimes laughable lyrics, power chords, and booming choruses.

The album as a whole is pretty boring, but there are a couple of songs that somehow manage to avoid falling into unoriginality like the rest of  the album. "Little Death" edges into darker territory, but alas an FCC-unplayable word mars the otherwise "good" song. "When We Were Younger" slows down and avoids the booming tacky chorus. At least they tried.

If you really want to listen, track 12 is among the better songs.

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