Friday, March 9, 2012

Caravan of Thieves

Add Date: March 6

Artist: Caravan of Thieves

Album: The Funhouse

Label: United for Opportunity

Genre:Alternative, gypsy folk

Comments: In a witch's brew, toss in a name eerily similar to Company of Thieves, a tad influence of Eastern European gypsy music, a dash of folk, and a large splash of the voice of Jack White, and presto! your musical elixir is Caravan of Thieves. With musical elements ranging over much of the Western world, the instrumentation on Caravan of Thieves' newest, The Funhouse, runs quite a gambit, yet develops a certain listenability that is intoxicating.

The album opens with the "The Funhouse Entrance", a song straight from a haunting Dracula soundtrack. Tracks like "Live Forever" and "Raise the Dead" envelop you in a melodic, while intertwining female and male vocals--the male voice is quite reminiscent of White--complement the exotic rhythms.

For a taste of a gypsy camp, listen to 1, 4 and 11.

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