Friday, March 9, 2012

Miniature Tigers

Add Date: March 6 

Artist: Miniature Tigers 

Album: Mia Pharaoh 

Label: Modern Art 

Genre: Indie pop, rock 

Comments: Bubblegum pop, lustful lyrics and nostalgia circa the 1980s weave together to form Miniature Tigers' newest album, Mia Pharaoh. The Brooklyn-based indie-pop act's 10-track album drips with sprightly falsetto croons and soft, empathetic vocals, mixing ageless questions about love with sunny synthesizers. Hopefully Mia Pharaoh will pick-up enough buzz to put the band on the charts, as we've seen with Foster the People and (more recently) Gotye.

Miniature Tigers' album is indie pop/rock bliss, so make sure to check out tracks "Sex On The Regular", "Easy As All That" and "Angel Bath".

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