Friday, April 27, 2012

Diamond Rugs

Add Date: April 24

Artist: Diamond Rugs

Album: Diamond Rugs

Label: Partisan

Genre: Alt-country, rock

Comments: Another supergroup, the eponymous LP from Diamond Rugs--composed of members of Deer Tick, the Black Lips, Los Lobos, Dead Confederate, and Six Finger Satellite--strikes a balance between the realms of alt-country and indie rock. Driving and well-executed instrumentation falls flat when faced with the less-than-stellar lyrics. Immediately apparent in the second track, "Gimme a Beer", Diamond Rugs will be most enjoyable when totally disregarding the lyrics. Perfectly in tune with the alt-country sound, ragged vocals belch such profound statements as "Now where did she come from?/ Why should you care?/ Man, you oughta see her when she lets down her hair" from "Call Girl Blues". A fan of Deer Tick will most definitely be a fan of Diamond Rugs. However, crude lyrics, without an essence for being crude, I guess just do not do it for me.

Check out 1, 2, 3, 4 and 8.

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