Friday, April 27, 2012

Here We Go Magic

Add Date: April 24 

Artist: Here We Go Magic 

Album: A Different Ship 

Label: Secretly Canadian 

Genre: Rock, pop 

Comments: From the promoter: "A Different Ship is Here We Go Magic's most remarkable and captivating album yet... With an instantly hummable refrain, lead single and album centerpiece 'How Do I Know' builds layer by layer from a simple guitar-vocals-drums combo into a swirling symphony of glorious noise... 'I Believe in Action' and 'Make Up Your Mind' sound like they're being beamed in from outer space, while more earthbound tracks such as 'Miracle of Mary', 'Over the Ocean' and 'Alone But Moving' amble in a somnolent haze, with [frontman Luke] Temple's cool timbre cutting through the fog."

Here We Go Magic is making some of the most interesting pop-rock out there these days, and A Different Ship is no exception. The biggest new wrinkle on this album is that the band teamed up with producer Nigel Godrich--most famous for his work with Radiohead--who helps Temple and co. flesh out these tunes without getting in the way.

Excellent stuff; start with tracks 8, 3, 5 and 6.

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