Friday, April 6, 2012

La Sera

Add Date: April 3 

Artist: La Sera 

Album: Sees the Light 

Label: Hardly Art 

Genre: Rock, garage pop 

Comments: La Sera, the nom de tune of Vivian Girl (Kickball) Katy Goodman, returns with her second LP, Sees the Light. It's an excellent collection of what her record label Hardly Art calls "peppy break-up pop"; these are guitar-driven, garage-leaning tunes with undeniably catchy melodies that serve as a modern take on classic '50s and '60s pop, with stylistic elements borrowed from '80s indie pop and '90s twee. The music is similar enough to pull in fans of Goodman's other band, but different enough to set La Sera apart as a full-fledged (non-side) project.

Sees the Light is pretty great from start to finish. Highlights include "Please Be My Third Eye", "Break My Heart", "Drive On", "I Can't Keep You in My Mind" and "I'm Alone". Peppy break-up pop, indeed.

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