Friday, April 27, 2012


Add Date: April 24 

Artist: Lightships 

Album: Electric Cables 

Label: Domino 

Genre: Rock, pop 

Comments: Lightships is the new project fronted by Teenage Fanclub bassist Gerard Love, who worked with members of Belle & Sebastian and The Pastels, along with other members of his seminal Scottish alternative band, to put together Electric Cables. Pitchfork calls this "the sort of album whose deceptively placid presentation belies the richness of detail and sense of purpose at work here... a more lush, cerebral rendering of the same pop ethos."

Indeed, the songs here are gorgeous light-pop compositions that bear the most stylistic similarity to the ethereal tunes of The Clientele, while fans of Teenage Fanclub's recent melodic pop opuses certainly won't be turned off, either. Check out tracks 3, 9, 1 and 8.

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