Friday, May 4, 2012

Aaron Freeman

Add Date: May 1

Artist: Aaron Freeman

Album: Marvelous Clouds

Label: Partisan

Genre: Pop, soft rock

Comments: Marvelous Clouds is the first solo album for experimental rock group Ween frontman Aaron Freeman. The album is entirely composed of covers by Rod McKuen, apparently "one of the most prolific and top-selling poets and songwriters of the 20th century". This album exudes a feel so cheesy that the album should have been packaged with several dozen crackers. The lyrics are clichéd, and the melodies are akin to the soft rock that your parents listen to.

Marvelous Clouds retains an odd, almost theatrical, cadence throughout. Perhaps Freeman is playing out some inner fantasy to compose a soundtrack for Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. Unfortunately, this is a far cry from the days of Ween.

If you so choose to listen, try tracks 3, 7 and 6.

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