Friday, May 11, 2012

Alcoholic Faith Mission

Add Date: May 8 

Artist: Alcoholic Faith Mission 

Album: Ask Me This 

Label: PonyRec/Old Flame 

Genre: Rock, alt-pop 

Comments: The six members of Alcoholic Faith Mission originally hail from Denmark, but they formed the band in Brooklyn several years back. Fittingly, Ask Me This seems to reflect the band's ties to both sides of the Atlantic--Efterklang (speaking of Danish bands) and Broken Social Scene seem to be major influences. Overall, the LP provides an enjoyable, eclectic set of pop tunes, featuring electric and acoustic guitars, strings, synths and more; this diverse instrumentation provides the backdrop for male and female voices that sing, coo and chant the lyrics.

Start with alt-pop gems "Into Pieces" and "Running With Insanity", and also spin the synth-driven slow jam "Alaska" and the folksy "I'm Not Evil".

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