Friday, May 4, 2012

Brendan Benson

Add Date: May 1

Artist: Brendan Benson

Album: What Kind of World

Label: Readymade

Genre: Rock, power pop

Comments: Brendan Benson may be best known as Jack White's sidekick in his side project The Raconteurs. And indeed, there are some undeniable similarities drawn between What Kind of World and that band, especially evident in the vocal effects and melody in the first and title track. Melody is key for Benson in his latest effort; booming choruses abound, while synthesizers lay a sonic backdrop. It's a definite departure from the Anglo-folk rock of The Raconteurs.

Benson's lyrics are transparent and do not try to hide behind complex rhymes or metaphors. Take it or leave it, this template pervades every song on What Kind of World. While his rhymes may be simple, Benson knows how to catch the wary listener with his straightforward yet catchy-as-hell melodies.

Tracks 4, 12 and 6 provide a solid introduction

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