Friday, May 4, 2012

Evans the Death

Add Date: May 1

Artist: Evans the Death

Album: Evans the Death

Label: Slumberland

Genre: Rock

Comments: On their self-titled debut album, Evans the Death proves that they know culture and music. After all, their band name comes from a 1954 Dylan Thomas radio drama, Under Milk Wood. Talk about obscure. Talk about pretentious. But, thankfully, Evans the Death produces a sound worthy of pretension. Composed of five sharp and snappy Brits, this band evokes the sounds of early My Bloody Valentine and Pixies. Not to mention the emotional depth given by the floating vocals of Katherine Whitaker. Evans the Death makes for a blistering, acerbic testament to the pop and rock legends that obviously put their mark on the band. Start with their first single, "Threads".

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