Friday, May 4, 2012


Add Date: May 1 

Artist: IfIHadAHiFi 

Album: Nada Surf EP + 3 

Label: Latest Flame 

Genre: Rock, punk 

Comments: IfIHadAHiFi's latest release, essentially two EPs crammed onto one disc, is full of frenetic, off-kilter punk rock--what the promoter calls a "deranged sensory assault... with heavy, screamed vocals, distorted guitars and Casio beats"--that lands somewhere in between the driving rock of Cursive and the synth-driven alt-punk of The Faint. (The first EP's title appears to be a response to Nada Surf's 2010 covers album if i had a hi-fi; I don't think the two bands share too many fans.)

Check out tracks 2, 3 and 6.

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